Encryption Wizard

Encryption Wizard (EW) is simple, strong, Java-based file and folder encryption software for protection of sensitive information, such as FOUO, PII, CUI, and Privacy Act data. EW encrypts all file types for data-in-transit protection, and supplements data-at-rest protection. Without requiring a formal installation or elevated privileges, EW runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and many other operating systems. Behind its simple drag-and-drop interface, EW offers 128- or 256-bit AES encryption, several secure hashing algorithms, searchable metadata, encrypted archives with compression, secure file deletion (often called "scrubbing" or "shredding"), and PKI/CAC/PIV support.

EW is GOTS: Government invented, owned, and supported software.


Encryption Wizard comes in multiple editions, all producing encrypted files which are fully interoperable and usable by other editions. A brief summary follows; for more information on a particular edition, click the appropriate link. To download the latest versions, see the Downloads link in the sidebar.

Operating Requirements

Encryption Wizard requires a Java SE (Standard Edition) compatible environment, running Java 8 or later. At present, this usually means either the commercial Oracle JDK with installers, or the free OpenJDK Oracle builds without installers. EW itself is a standalone program running with unprivileged user permissions.

Encryption Wizard does not require…

Encryption Wizard optionally uses a smartcard reader. Support is very dependent on the combination of operating system and middleware you have installed.